Australian Leading Portable Stables
Since 2011


Single stable with day yard $5,500.00
Single stable without day yard
2 Joined stables with day yards $10,4000.00
2 joined stables without day yards $9,500.00
For each add on stable with yard $4,900.00
For each add on stable without yard      $4,500.00

Offset Stable Units

2 offset with yards at rear and extra doors $12,100.00
2 offset without the yards and doors in rear
4 offset with yards at rear and extra doors $23,600.00
4 offset without yards at rear and extra doors $20,600.00
6 offset with yards at rear and extra doors $33,900.00
6 offset without yards at rear and extra doors $30,400.00

Stable Panels

Fronts with rug racks $1,150.00
Side panels and rear panels

You can have any upper section enclosed with either ply ( $200 per stable wall )
or our all weather drop down awnings ( $400 per stable wall)


Standard Stable sizing 3.85mt square x 2.45mt high with a 100mm slope to the rear.

Day yard consists of 5 x 5 oval rail panels plus a gate and gate frame ( 3.85mt wide and 4.2mt long)....They are all bolted together for your horses safety. We do not use pins and lugs as they are a danger point for horses legs.

Our Stables are constructed using 50x50 RHS Galvanised Steel, 40 x 40 rhs gal is used for panel legs and roof frames.

The roof is zinc sheeting and comes in 3 sections for easy assembly, it is 4.5mt square it allows a 400mm overhang around entire stable to keep general rain out.

As a standard our Basic Stable comprises of 17mm Form Ply bottoms and 50 x 50 x 4 mm Galvanised Mesh Tops all fully welded.

All stables come with Rug Racks, V – doors as standard features. Tie ups can be added but not recommended on a portable unit, unless you use our peg down system.

Our peg down systems are secured to the bottom of the stable in each corner and go 600 mm into ground, very secure.

Our stables are a truly transportable product and can easily be assembled by two capable people in just 30 minutes!

They are all Australian designed and manufactured and have a great flat pack design that makes for easy transport eg. Trucks, hire car carrying trailers.

Our stables are designed for mare and foal, stallions etc……

For all enquiries please contact:
Anthony Browning
M: 0432 269 072